Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400 / Canon AE-1

Now that we are 23, you are telling me that you first saw me and kind of did not forget me since 2nd grade. Perhaps, it is because you were able to take a glimpse of my soul like raindrops kissing the leaves after summer time. Thereafter, you finally began to exist in my world in 5th grade. Like colourful leaves experiencing the bliss of free falling, I am telling you that I kind of did not want you to leave my world ever since. You are my personal autumn, transforming the ordinary to breathtaking like the changing of colours.

We parted ways because of occurrences that were way out of our hands. We went to different schools in high school that hinted our winter. We tried to make the flame of our little matches thrive, but it did not last long until the numbing cold dampened our spark. Just like what other humans do, we tried to keep warm alone and apart. Nevertheless, we never prevented snowflakes to land on our cheeks as they fall on our heads and sleeves. At some point, we really did try to be warm with a few people we encounter during this season. Amusing though, that for some bizarre reasons, we still ended up fighting the cold alone. And then we tried again with other cold busters, but somehow the igloos we built with them were never warm enough to keep us in for the long haul.

After years of withstanding the unforgiving cold, light slowly streaks in. Our paths ever so carefully crossed again. In the absence of any ulterior motive, we just genuinely wanted to know if both of us made it through the brute winter. Unforeseen as it might be, our mini reunion bridged the gap of all the seasons making us feel that we never parted at all. All of a fuckin’ sudden, we figuratively became our elementary selves again, because as a matter of fact, we were apart long enough to get a degree and secure a job.

We are finally back in each other’s arms like the dawning of a new day. Only this time, we are more than ready to build an igloo and go through endless winters together.

You are my spring; you are and will forever be my favourite season.

I love you, soulmate.


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