IMG_0318 flickrCanon Kiss X7 / Canon 100D White

Eye and heart candy! Finally! After years and years of hoarding journals and planners, I think I already found the perfect journal and planner for me. Midori Traveler’s Notebook Blue Edition first captured my heart and now it’s the Hobonichi A6 size.

The beautiful piece of art in this picture is the Sometimes Lucky cover for my Hobonichi Planner A6 size. This design is a part of the 2015 collection, my friend and I were so heartbroken when we initially saw this marked as sold out! But, patience always bears good fruit and the item was restocked. We immediately reserved and bought two.

We can’t help but squeal with joy upon receiving these Hobonichi babies. My friend and I are both geared to face 2016 with our A6 Planner and Hobo Weeks set up, not to mention our MTN journals! Oh, the joy that journal writing brings. Priceless. Simply priceless.

IMG_0264 (small)


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