Broken to be made whole. Broken in order to see beauty in the simplest of things. I love photographs, books, and strawberries.


6 thoughts on “°mamieberry

  1. I was hoping to get your permission to put one of your images on my website. I do counseling and love the photo you did that says, “I am who I choose to be” with the “others want me” crossed out. It’s awesome!! It’s in your February 2012 category. I would leave your signature on it obviously. If you want to talk about it through e-mail instead of this way, I can provide you my e-mail address. Thanks!

  2. Hi! I’ve been visiting your blog and saw that you use (and have) different kinds of film cameras. I’m wondering, where can I buy one? Like the canon Ae-1 or even cheaper. I have no idea where to find vintage/film cameras here in the Manila and I’m starting to become desperate lol

    I love your pictures and how it makes everything looks amazing ❤ one of the may reasons why I started liking photography 🙂

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