Solid Gold 200, Pentax Espio 120SW

Borrowed this vintage Polaroid camera from my grandmother’s brother-in-law. It’s amazing how analogue cameras withstand the test of time. I bet that this one is still working, just have to find a polaroid film that goes along with it.

Beneath the beautiful camera are books written by Filipino authors, whose works I have encountered during college says upon majoring in Literature.

What can I say? Books and cameras are always a lovely sight!



Solid Gold 200, Fujica.JPG
Solid Gold 200, Fujica Compact 35

Time and image.

These are two of the most difficult issues to tackle as one navigates through the phase called “adulting.” The fast-paced world we live in coerces people to squeeze in so many tasks in a single day. Inability to multitask is tantamount to saying that you are not just good enough. Hence, we encounter a new breed of monsters in our schools, work places, and almost everywhere we go daily. It’s lonely to see them spreading so swiftly like termites hungry to take down anyone.

New breed of monsters who ostracize you all day, everyday! All because you refuse to get lost in the daily grind, may it be at school or your work place. They are the types of people who are so bleak to downplay other in order for them to rise.

All of these can lead to the desperate attempt to build an image that hails great and mighty. People do hellacious things just to project a certain image, to the point of lying to their selves. Growing old versus growing up is indeed a choice each of us has to make. Do not underestimate your power to be a breath of fresh air to others. Smile, be kind, and do not be a part of the growing new breed of monsters, who are sometimes better off to be zombies! Charot!